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Телохранитель и услуги безопасности

Well trained professional Bodyguards


A bodyguard for personal protection is one of the options that are available when a threat is imminent.

Our bodyguards have undergone special training in the situations arising around Very Important Persons. Our staff has eminent experience of protecting celebrities, VIPs and representatives from commercial and industrial life and other organizations.

Our mission addressed to: politicians, diplomats, VIP, celebrities, businessmen, individuals, and family protection.


Armoured Cars


We work with various forms of transportation security. It may include transportation of VIPs between airport and hotels, embassies, meetings or long trips by plane, train or bus.

In addition to protecting people, we can also carry valuables that need extra protection.

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Limo & Bus
51 Dimokratias Ave.
713 06, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Telephone:+30 2816 007640
Mobile:+30 6978 625116
Athens Branch Office
2 Ethnarchou Makariou St.
Alimos, Athens, Greece



Visit our transfers and choose the one of your preference. Other transfers can be arranged on request depending on your needs.

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Посетите ИНДИВИДУАЛЬНЫЕ ТУРЫ / ЭКСКУРСИИ и выберите что-то, на ваш выбор. Если вы хотите посетить другое направление, обратитесь за помощью.

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Свадебные автомобили

Свадебные автомобили на Крите (в остальной Греция по запросу).

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